When the earth is frugal, it is the philosophy not man.

Mastrojanni learnt this unusual gift of nature.

For any other crop, this terrain would be a real dose of bad luck.  But the wine becomes good thanks to the very sparseness of the land: the less the vines find to feed themselves, the more they have to look for it. 
We have adapted ourselves to this imperative of nature knowing that it would give us resounding results and our philosophy comes from this: intervening as little as possible in the vineyard and in the cellar, being able to preserve – in the transformation phase – the wonder that nature has provided these grapes maintaining their aromas and structure intact. 

It is a simple philosophy, almost Zen, which above all requires great humility and visceral respect for its master.
Man is not used to acting as a disciple in front of nature, but it is the only way to make fine wines, because this – notwithstanding our long experience and all of our knowledge – each year teaches us something: only this opening to learning enables us to understand, learn and improve.

The results are confirmed by your appreciation.