The origins of a work of art.

Gabriele Mastrojanni discovered this landscape, this territory. 

And right from the very start he knew that a land as difficult as this would be generous when it came to quality, but extremely sparse as far as quantity was concerned: he was right.   

Others, before him, beginning with that pioneering spirit who was the first Biondi-Santi and who invented the Brunello di Montalcino, had had the same experience, and the territory had been clear in its answer, that the best grape variety for these lands was the Sangiovese Grosso

Mastrojanni, wanting to make a fine Brunello, planted just that, Sangiovese, choosing a planting pattern which allowed him to work comfortably with tractors whilst at the same time having a sufficiently high plant density: 5,700 plants per hectare.  

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