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In those years a vinification cellar was built together with a wood ripening cellar.  

Right from the start, it was decided that vinification would take place in cement, a method which was becoming obsolete at the time but which offered remarkable qualities both for its thermal stability and to the absence of magnetic fields which inevitably developed in the stainless steel tanks.
The selection of the grapes was carried out on a number of occasions in the vine itself throwing to the ground the less ripe, or less attractive clusters or those which showed signs of over-ripening due to being exposed to too much sun or due to the tiredness of the plant. 
This type of careful and meticulous crop thinning is still carried out today towards the end of August.
After that an initial harvesting takes place of the more prematurely ripe clusters for immediate vinification: this wine is the more acidic base that will be mixed with the second and last harvest of the fully ripened grapes.  

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