This hamlet was created from a military tower which once controlled the Papal highway.

Steep and impassable hills have become the homeland of Sangiovese.

When Gabriele Mastrojanni arrived, he found virgin land, precisely because it had always been little or uncultivated and sparsely populated: I imagine he asked himself why

The reply can be found in the poverty of this land: as it is steep, consisting of slopes that are often precipitous, of Holm oaks clinging to the lower hillside inclines, of the broom whose roots stall the landslides, it is very difficult to work and is leached, corroded, carried away by the torrential rains which often lash against it. 

Land which is simply not suitable for man. It is suited to wolves and wild boar, to roe deer and fallow deer, to hares and buzzards, to badgers and owls or to the curlew which regularly sings there each night, to all the wild animals that have always populated the area and which have made these lands more of a hunting ground than a place to farm.  

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