If wine is poetry, let’s respect its sensitivity.

An environment is perfect when its presence is imperceptible.

Our elders did not have cement to throw or iron to strengthen.  Only bricks and mortar.  But their buildings are beautiful, long-living and irradiate a very pleasant harmony for everyone.   
This is why we decided to build “in the old way” and my son, Ernesto Illy drew up a plan in bioarchitecture for a new wing of the wood ageing cellar. 
Stone gabions to hold back the thrust of the hillside in which the cellar is buried, construction walls and brick arches full of terracotta, wooden beams and chestnut flanges and terracotta bricks are the building materials used.   
Just a little cement, only where absolutely indispensable such as in the edge beams and zero iron so as to avoid those Faraday cages which, with static electricity, always end up creating spiteful magnetic fields. 

The wine has to stay here for four years and if the environment is so harmonic as to become imperceptible, then we are sure our wines will be ok and will become even better. 

We learnt this sensitivity for the “weak force” from our master mother nature: man is too “brief” to understand certain things immediately.  He sees the strength of a lightning bolt because it is an enormous energy, which is extinguished in an instant, but he is unable to see the same energy that extinguishes over years: the work that energy does –in physical terms – is almost the same.  So we have to understand the weak forces, because with the help of time they too will become powerful forces too.