The Mastrojanni cellar emerges in the area to the north-east of the estate.

Part of the must ferments in cement and part in wood.

This historic cellar which has grown with the estate today is used for vinification, bottling and bottle ageing.
The grapes are destemmed following a careful selection in the vineyard of the ripest and healthiest grape clusters, moving to the historic Mastrojanni cement tanks, where they will ferment for a few days. 
The best grapes are left to ferment in Vosges wooden vats which allow further tannins from the wood to be attained, as was done in the past.   

Once the vinification cycle is complete, the wine is “racked” into large wooden barrels and begins its fining process in wood which can last up to 42 months.  Then, once bottled, it will still have to age for at least another six months in the bottle.